One of our goals for 2014 was to “get our house in order”. We implemented much needed policies and procedures (boring, yes, but necessary), gained access to the building and our files and began the tedious task of cataloging and documenting them, which brings us close to having all of our 2D works and records documented.

We began the BoardsWork! Program… Why? An organization achieves its best when it is supported by skilled and enthusiastic board members who bring energy and fresh ideas and enhance your board’s portfolio and skill set. The BoardsWork! program has helped our board clarify roles and responsibilities, sharpen strategic thinking and financial oversight, streamline policies and procedures and develop fundraising strategy. If you’re looking for new board members, BoardsWork! has a pool of trained, enthusiastic individuals from businesses such as American Eagle, Bayer Corporation, PNC and Alcoa waiting to serve on your board. We are honored to have received a partial scholarship from the Colcom Foundation to help us off set the cost of this program.

Welcome to the Monon Center

Monon Center Inc.
The Monon Center, based as a museum, provides inter-generational cultural enrichment serving the region of Southwestern Pennsylvania & neighboring areas of West Virginia. The Monon Center encourages interest, training and educational enrichment in the arts, history, science and culture of the region.
The Old School House was built around 1904, and throughout is time has seen many changes. But no matter what the changing times have brought, there is a common thread: art, community and preservation. 2014 marks the 4th year that the Monon Center has partnered with the Greene County Department of Parks and Recreation to offer art classes in all five of the county’s camp locations. Last year the 2013 Summer Art Camp Programming served 1,289 children in Greene County; it’s largest outreach effort to date. It also offered a Basket weaving workshop at the Greensboro Farmers Market and a Concrete Leaf Birdfeeder workshop.
Our goal is to continuously improve the summer camp program while seeking new ways to provide services to the rural community. We will do that by integrating a connection to the PA Arts and Humanities standards in each lesson plan, incorporate observational drawing and adding a collaborative art project to be displayed at the Art Blast on the Mon annual Festival on Labor Day Weekend.
The Monon Center is more than an educational venue; the Old School House is home to hundreds of artifacts including Greensboro pottery, glass, art, and historical treasures from the Monnonghela region’s rich river history. Moving forward with our archiving process and preserving the building itself are also goals for the organization.