First Training Session

RAC-BadgeOn Monday, May 18 the Rural Arts Collaborative will have its first Training Session and the Coordinators from Washington, Fayette and Greene Counties will meet at the Intermediate Unit 1 Center for Professional Development from 5pm to 7;30 pm.

Teaching Artist Becky Keck will facilitate the session that will allow the potential teaching Artists in Training to  explore topics covering Teaching Artist/Classroom Teacher Relationships, facilitated discussions about the program itself. Participants will be participating in the type activities  they will learn to lead as they move forward in their journey.

Candace 2014 Art Blast Activity 2Radel, Greene County Coordinator, also from the Monon Center, will address the required paperwork for participation.  Participarnts will have an oportunity for fellowship and discussion with the other County Coordinators Dan Cocks from the Fayette County Cultural Trust and Allison Kuzupas from Wash Arts thus gaining a clear understanding of each county’s unique approach to arts integration in their county.



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