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One of our goals for 2014 was to “get our house in order”. We implemented much needed policies and procedures (boring, yes, but necessary), gained access to the building and our files and began the tedious task of cataloging and documenting them, which brings us close to having all of our 2D works and records documented.

We began the BoardsWork! Program… Why? An organization achieves its best when it is supported by skilled and enthusiastic board members who bring energy and fresh ideas and enhance your board’s portfolio and skill set. The BoardsWork! program has helped our board clarify roles and responsibilities, sharpen strategic thinking and financial oversight, streamline policies and procedures and develop fundraising strategy. If you’re looking for new board members, BoardsWork! has a pool of trained, enthusiastic individuals from businesses such as American Eagle, Bayer Corporation, PNC and Alcoa waiting to serve on your board. We are honored to have received a partial scholarship from the Colcom Foundation to help us off set the cost of this program.